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Welcome to the Stanner Alumni Center

Over 23,000 strong, Molloy alumni live and work worldwide. The Stanner Alumni Center strives to keep our alumni connected, to foster lifelong friendships, and to create professional opportunities. We are also grateful for the generosity of our community, as countless students have benefited from your support. We are proud to serve the Stanner community.

Bizz Sports 2020

New Compilation of Stanners' Best NYC Marathon Finishes

Track PicIn honor of NYC Marathon season, Coach Joe Dombrowski recently shared some interesting stats that he has been collecting for some time: Stanners’ all-time best NYC Marathon finishes. The list currently features 57 alumni spanning six decades of graduates. The top three times on the list from first to third are Dan McGrath ’01 with 2:23.04 in 2008, Keith Forlenza ’05 with 2:33.57 in 2010, and Stephen Bione ’07 with 2:36.31 in 2018.

We invite all Stanner runners, especially those who have run the NYC Marathon at any point, to click the button below to review the list. Please help us continue to build the list by sending your best NYC Marathon times or any corrections to


Actor Vincent Piazza '94 Visits Stanner Players Virtually


Actor and screenwriter Vincent Piazza ’94 was kind enough to visit the Stanner Players and Director Ms. Shannon Winters ‘06 as a virtual guest speaker via Zoom. Vincent talked about a range of topics including his path to acting, how to work with casting agents, how to mentally focus and prepare for scenes, how to identify with and become a character, and how to build confidence as an actor while managing doubt. He also shared stories from throughout his career, including being cast by Clint Eastwood as Tommy DeVito in the musical drama film Jersey Boys, despite limited prior experience singing. “It was a very ‘lived in’ musical, meaning the film featured actors who had done the actual musical onstage hundreds of times. I had done it zero times, but I worked with great people who put up with some of my early flubs,” joked Vincent.

Later in the conversation, Vincent discussed some of the ways the pandemic has affected film, television, and theater. While COVID-19 has caused a significant financial strain on the industry as a whole, the pandemic will also inspire many original works in the near and distant future. “We’re going through something generational together, and we all are living experiences that are uniquely our own,” he explained. “I hope you’ll all consider writing your experiences down. Preserving this moment is invaluable. You’ll look back on what you wrote and how this snapshot in time has affected your life.”

Stanners & Friends Enjoy Virtual Molloy Oktoberfest

JBThe Stanner Alumni Center extends a special thank you to everyone who attended our first ever Virtual Molloy Oktoberfest on Thursday, October 22nd. Stanners and friends gathered on Zoom for a virtual beer tasting led by Certified Cicerone® Joy Reichenbach (pictured right) of Other Half Brewing Company. Joy is Manager of Operations and Communications at Other Half and the founder of @joylovesbeer. Joy has held numerous roles in the beer industry and has a passion for traditional beer styles and beer education. Joy’s knowledge and expertise were on full display as she led a guided tasting of the following original Other Half beers: Double Dry-Hopped (DDH) All Cashmere Everything Imperial IPA (8.5%); Pumpkin Space Latte Crunchee (7.2%); DDH Small Citra Everything IPA (6.5%); DDH Nelson Daydream Oat Cream IPA (6.5%). Thank you, Joy! After postponing many recent events, we were so happy to connect with our community once again. 


Rob Dittus '15 One of Two New Marist Postulants

RD15Congratulations to Rob Dittus ’15, who has been officially welcomed by the Marist Brothers as one of two new Marist postulants. This means that Rob and his fellow postulant, Ryan Richter, are beginning a year of exploring the Marist Brotherhood and deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ. They will use this time to decide whether the life of discipleship is their calling. The Marist Brothers humbly ask that you pray for Rob and Ryan as they begin this new chapter. The last Molloy graduate to join the Marist Institute was Br. Dan O’Riordan ’85, who now serves as Vice Provincial of the US Province.

In Memoriam: Passing of John P. Sherry '61

JS20Archbishop Molloy High School is deeply saddened to share the passing of Mr. John P. Sherry '61 on September 9, 2020. Mr. Sherry served as Molloy's first lay president from 2004 to 2010. In that time he befriended and worked with countless Stanners while making a positive impact on many lives. In recent years, Mr. Sherry endured a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. Please join us in prayer for the repose of the soul of Mr. John P. Sherry, and please keep the Sherry family in your prayers.

The Sherry family welcomes you to attend a Funeral Mass livestream on Saturday, September 26, 2020 (Link below). A musical interlude will begin at 9:50am with the Funeral Mass beginning at 10:00am. Please find more details below.

For those who wish to, in lieu of flowers, please join Archbishop Molloy High School in making a donation to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

For those unable to attend, please click the following link for a livestream of the Funeral Mass:

*At 9:50 am the musical prelude to the Funeral Mass begins; at 10 am the Funeral Mass begins.


Click Here for More Information



Fund For Molloy Will Help Students Affected By COVID-19

TYOver the past 10 years, and throughout our history, Molloy has been equal to meeting many challenges thanks to the generosity of our community. Your support has continually strengthened our mission to provide a quality Catholic Marist education to amazing young men and women. Literally thousands of Molloy students and families have benefited from your support.

While the full impact of COVID-19 is still unknown, we do know it has created significant hardships. Molloy is fully committed to helping meet our students’ needs during this challenging time.

To date, over $535,000 has been dedicated in support of:

  • Needs Assistance Grants
  • Continued acquisition of and updates to remote learning technologies

Every dollar you give today and moving forward to The Fund For Molloy will directly impact Molloy’s ability to help students and their families affected by COVID-19. Please consider joining this critical effort by clicking the button below. Should you have any questions, please reach out to Alumni Development Director Craig Katinas ’93 at any time. On behalf of everyone at Archbishop Molloy High School, THANK YOU for your generosity.

Of course, we invite you to reach out to the team at the Stanner Alumni Center any time with your questions, ideas, and Molloy memories. Once again, THANK YOU for your support, love, and leadership. God Bless All Stanners.


Stanners & Friends Enjoy Virtual Yoga w/ Jennifer Kelleher '04


On Sunday, April 19th, alumna Jennifer Kelleher ’04 led Molloy’s first ever Virtual Yoga & Meditation on Zoom! Jen welcomed over 35 participants into her virtual yoga studio for approximately 80 minutes. Alumni, faculty, family members, and friends were among those who joined in from the comfort of their own homes.

“It was such a pleasure to lead this special edition virtual gentle yoga and meditation event! I had so much fun connecting with the Molloy community and loved how the turnout included such a broad range of classes,” said Jen. “Yoga and meditation have been completely life-changing for me, leading me to huge self-discoveries, transformations, and personal growth. I am honored to be doing this work and bringing these tools and teachings that have helped me so much to my beloved communities.”

Jessica McEntee ’05 enjoyed the experience. “Jen has a calming presence, and she naturally exudes that during her yoga and meditation sessions. It was wonderful to have a diverse group of alumni and friends join her class. I think Jen’s inclusive and inviting way of teaching made everyone feel comfortable and certainly a little more centered and relaxed.”

Jen can be booked for both individual and group sessions. She invites you to follow her Facebook or Instagram!



Alumni Reunite On "Zoom"

1964ZFred (Ric) Lorenz ’64 recently organized several Zoom virtual reunions with his classmates. Pictured above is their second virtual reunion. Left to right top to bottom are: Mike Daly ‘64, John DiGirolamo ‘64, Greg Spano ’64, Fred, Peter Farrell ‘64, Bill Nash ’64, Barry Mastellone ‘64, Rich Brew ‘64, and Ken Evers ’64. Fred, a professor at the University of Washington, uses Zoom frequently to conduct his classes and was happy to initiate the reunions. Zoom also proved to be the perfect venue for Barry to perform his song “Non scholae sed vitae” too! The Class of 1964 is planning more reunions on Zoom. Please contact if you would like to join in! 
1987ZThe Class of 1987 has participated in numerous Zoom virtual reunions throughout March and April. “While quarantined, many members of the Class of 1987 have taken the opportunity to reconnect via social media. Stanners who haven’t seen or talked to each other in decades have had a chance to reminisce, catch-up and share some laughs while reflecting on our days at the corner of Main and Manton,” said Marty Manuud '87. Patrick Kelly ’87 took things a step further by conceiving of a weekly Zoom conference call for the Class of 1987 every Saturday night. Ray DiStephan ’87 plays host for the calls. “Our calls have gone as long as three to four hours. We’ve had as many as 25-30 classmates join,” said Marty. Patrick also extends an open invitation to his classmates to join the new “Stanner Class of ‘87” group that was recently created on Facebook. Here’s a list of regular participants: Kevin Bopp, Chris Collumb, Kevin Coyle, Ray DiStephan, Paolo Dizon, John Feeney, Neil Fenton, Mike Fichera, Andre Forte, Patrick Kelly, Jim LaVerda, Marty Manuud, Pat Manzi, Kevin McBride, John McGuinness, Matt McLaughlin, Dave McNamara, Michael Moravec, Kevin O’Gorman, John Olson, Brian Rohan, Nolasco “Nick” Stevens, Kurt Steege, Sal Ursida, and Joe Winheim.
1977ZSeveral members of the Class of 1977 recently enjoyed a Zoom reunion. Pictured: Rob Pasqual ’77, John Doyle ’77, Art Frasca ’77, Anthony Tantillo ‘77, Frank Dorsa ’77, Joseph Arrigo ’77, and Bob Kennelly ’77. Not pictured but on the call: Peter Hillenbrand ’77.


Remembering Br. Leo & Revisiting The "Smile Museum"

SMILEFor 55 years, SMILE has been one of Molloy’s most influential guidance programs. Founded by Br. Leo Richard, FMS, sometime around 1965, SMILE, also known as Something More in Life’s Experience, welcomes students into a safe environment where they can talk with, listen to, and counsel each other with confidence and without judgment. Students in the SMILE program are part of a family – a family that shares a strong bond and spans generations.

May 13, 2020 will mark 25 years since the passing of Br. Leo. Alumni will remember him as “the man with the booming voice,” or the Marist Brother who seemingly randomly picked them out in the hallway one day and changed their life, or the biggest (and loudest) Red Sox fan in New York City. All will remember him as a dedicated counselor and caring friend.

To celebrate the life and legacy of Br. Leo, we thought it would be a good time to look back on the SMILE 50th Anniversary celebration held on March 21, 2015. On that Saturday, hundreds of SMILE alumni, including many former counselors, attended the event to reconnect, reminisce, and celebrate this amazing program. After the event, a “SMILE Museum” was created on Molloy’s website, which features archival articles, photos, videos, and cartoons that help paint a picture of what SMILE means to so many people. We invite you to click the button below to visit the SMILE Museum and look back on the history of this unique program.




ST12Gourmet Meals & Fine Wines With Stephanie Toma '12

For Stephanie Toma ’12, the world of food and beverage has virtually been her lifelong passion. “When I moved in with my grandmother around age eight, she started teaching me to cook. From age ten I began hosting ‘dinner parties’ for family, and I decided I wanted to be a chef,” said Stephanie. A few years later, during her time at Molloy, Stephanie’s love of cooking and baking for friends continued. She would contribute homemade dishes to International Day and help feed the Stanner Players at meetings. “They were willing subjects for some of my not so successful recipe attempts,” joked Stephanie....Click Here to Read Full Story

Women at Work Panel (3/11/20)


On March 11th, before the start of distance learning, Molloy’s GERLL Club (Girls Empowerment for Real Life Leadership) hosted a very special Women at Work panel event after school. The panel featured alumnae and friends of Molloy representing fields including healthcare, law, development/non-profit, education, visual arts/design, and communications. The discussion focused on the experiences of each panelist within their industry, while each shared unique insights and professional advice....Click Here for Full Story

Janelle Boyd '09 Visits Molloy (2/13/20)


In February, Molloy welcomed former softball star turned global women’s advocate Janelle Boyd ’09 as a guest speaker. Janelle offered a riveting and enthusiastic presentation about how she started out as a talented teen lacking confidence and ultimately became a leader on the field of play and on the world stage. Janelle Boyd is a Cornell University grad and a Youth Ambassador for Voices of African Mothers, a non-profit organization recognized and supported by the United Nations. Janelle has addressed the UN body several times on the progression of women and girls globally....Click Here for Full Story

Karla Hernandez '12 Shares Peace Corps Story

KHMolloy’s G.E.R.L.L. Club (Girls Empowerment for Real Life Leadership) recently welcomed Karla Hernandez ’12 as a guest speaker to share her amazing story. Over two years ago, Karla decided to join the Peace Corps. Before she departed for her assignment, Karla went through 11 weeks of training which included cross-cultural immersion, language classes, and informational classes about working with youth and people with HIV. After training, Karla was sent to Lesotho, a small, landlocked country within the border of South Africa. There she worked as a teacher for an organization called Good Shephard Center for Teenage Mothers (run by the Good Shephard Sisters). Karla worked with a group of teenage mothers daily and taught life skills, computer skills, financial literacy, physical education (she accompanied her students on daily runs), nutrition, professional development, and more. “In Lesotho, teenage mothers only have one school in the country where they are allowed to go, and that’s where I worked,” explained Karla....Click Here for Full Story


Now Open: "City/Game: Basketball in New York"


Pictured above L-R: Entry of City/Game: Basketball in New York Exhibit at the Museum of the city of New York; Tweet posted by Kenny Anderson ’89 while viewing his game-worn Molloy jersey at the exhibit.


The Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) has opened City/Game: Basketball in New York. The exhibit “intertwines New York’s vibrant history of street and playground basketball with the narratives of the players, coaches, and moments that have made the city’s high school, college, and professional game the stuff of legend.” Molloy is represented with items including vintage photos of the late Jack Curran, a ball signed by Lou Carnesecca ’43 and one of his championship teams, and a game-worn high school jersey sported by Kenny Anderson ‘89. The exhibit will run through January 3, 2021. The MCNY is located at 1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd Street in Manhattan and is open daily from 10am-6pm. Click the following links for more info or watch the trailer below: Press Release | Museum Website | Exhibit Website



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